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Parents and teachers, if you are looking for great Spanish songs to teach children Spanish, you've come to the right place.

Spanish Champs songs were specifically designed to teach children real, usable Spanish. Singing is the best way to start learning a new language, and with Spanish Champs, your child will be building a strong foundation in Spanish.  

After hearing hundreds of songs, we gathered together the best learning songs, and also created more than 25 of our own songs. 

Kids and adults alike love singing and learning Spanish with Spanish Champs songs.  Try Spanish Champs songs at home or school, and if you aren’t having fun and learning real, usable Spanish in 30 days, then return them for a full refund.

Why am I so confident you will be happy with Spanish Champs?

Because the biggest critics of them all, Spanish teachers, have given Spanish Champs rave reviews with their own children.  I don’t mean the kids they teach at school, but their own children at home.  Listen to what Eva Thaddeus, mother and bilingual teacher, said: “I have been speaking Spanish to my son Ben on and off since he was born, but only when he jumped into the Spanish Champs program did he really begin producing Spanish words himself” Eva is not alone, Tara Williams, developer of  the Pronto Spanish Series uses Spanish Champs with her children, as well as Suzanne Gose, developer of the Flip-Flop Spanish preschool program.

Listen to Level 1 Songs Here

Listen to Level 2 Songs Here

Please take a minute and listen to snippets of the Spanish Champs songs above. Families sing these songs in their cars as they run around, and teachers use them during circle time.

Visit our new Spanish Champs website, to see a video demonstrating our children's Spanish songs together with the illustrated song book.

Once you start to learn the songs, kids LOVE showing off by singing the songs karaoke style, but what they don't know is that you can use the karaoke CD as a way of "testing" how much they know, this is the most fun test they will ever take. In our karaoke CD, we took out the words to the songs and left the music so you have fun singing with the music. This is great for performances.

Visit PreschoolSpanish on YouTube to see videos of children demonstrating Spanish Champs songs - of Click Here for an example.  

You can also visit the new Spanish Champs Fan page on Facebook where you will find videos of children demonstrating some of the Spanish Champs songs. There is also a Hall of Fame on Facebook where you can upload a picture of your child (or classroom) as they achieve different levels of proficiency: Bronze (I can sing 4 songs), Silver (8 songs), and Gold (12 or more songs).

When you combine the song CD with the new Illustrated Song Book and the Spanish Champs Video DVD, you have a perfect beginning learning combination for home or classroom. As you progress, add additional resources discussed below.  

Sing and Learn Spanish today!
Buy Spanish Champs Music: Click HERE

Spanish Champs is like no other program. You can start learning Spanish with our song CDs, but you can add resources until you have a complete Spanish curriculum that is used by hundreds of schools and families around the world. 
Spanish Champs Song and Activity Book
Spanish Champs curriculum, including:

Illustrated Song and Activity Book
Video DVD
Karaoke CD
Storybook Collection
Activity and Coloring Book
Teacher's Guide and Resource CD

These resources can be purchased separately, or in discounted learning kit combinations.

Visit the Spanish Champs website to preview the preschool and kindergarten Spanish curriculum.


Want the perfect complement to Spanish Champs songs?

Images from Spanish Champs DVDs

Music is the best way to start learning Spanish, but when it is combined with dynamic visual reinforcement through stories, skits, and games, comprehension and long-term memory is greatly accelerated.  Spanish Champs video DVD’s are used by parents and fine schools to bring Spanish to life, and are the perfect complement to Spanish Champs Music CDs.  

Need More details on Spanish Champs Songs?

Look at Themes covered in Level 1 Music & Video: Click HERE

Plan to Learn Spanish through Music: Click Here to Download

Level 1  includes 23 songs that teach fundamental Spanish in a fun and dynamic way.  Level 1 covers: numbers, 4 colors, greetings, body, clothes, feelings, key verbs and pronouns, pronunciation, and food.  Children will be learning not just a list of vocabulary, but real, usable language phrases.

Level 2 includes 12 songs that help reinforce vocabulary from level 1and introduces more basic Spanish, like: animals, days, alphabet, action verbs, family, rooms and home vocabulary. Level 2 also includes several "story songs": Valentino the Flying Horse, Aladino the Monster, and My Pretty Little Bird. These story songs are great for learning because each story is open ended, and children can create their version of how the stories end.

Songs and Themes of Spanish Champs CDs


Level 1 Songs

Key Spanish

Yo Soy tu Amigo

Verb Ser, pronouns

Pronto Seremos Amigos

Having fun

Hola Buenos Dias


Rojo, Amarillo


 Tengo una Cabeza


 Tengo un Amigo


 Me Visto Asi

 Clothes - Dressing

 Yo Estoy em mi Casa

 Verb Estar, pronouns

 Los Sentimientos


 Me Gusta el Pan

 Verbs: llamar, gustar, querer

Un coco no quieres


 El gallo


 Erre con Erre

 Pronunciation of "rr"

A donde fuiste?


 El burro y el medico

 Body & me duele

 La arana Subio

 Fun Song w/ Past Tense

 Un Elefante


 Los Pollitos

 Fun story-song


 Fun story-song

 Yo Tengo

 Verb Tener, pronouns

 Las cosas que me gustan

 Food, me gusta

 Me da una Manzana

 Food, Manners



Level 2 Songs

Key Spanish

 Vengan, Vengan

 Action verbs


Body & Descriptions 

 Abre los Ojos

Action Verbs 

 Los Dias

 Days of the week

 El Alfabeto


 Paco Pico



Fun Story-Song 

 Los Monos Traviesos

 Home, Action Verbs

 Mi Pajarito Bonito

 Sad Story Song

 El Sol ya Brilla

Home Vocabulary 

 Mi Familia


 Tango de Animales









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