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Preschool is the perfect time for children to learn Spanish, but for most families and preschools this is difficult because they don't speak Spanish and they don't have a good curriculum to follow.  Progressive Language can help! We offer home learning kits and a complete curriculum.

"It is a definite advantage for our children to learn Spanish, and Spanish Champs does a great job introducing it in a fun and developmentally appropriate way!" 
R. Dixon, SpringStone Montessori Albuquerque

"We love the songs and DVDs. Our students are engaged and responsive. Parents are delighted to see that their children are learning Spanish. We will be interested in any other materials that you produce." J. Sibbett, Dancing Moose Montessori School

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Need great bilingual resources to start learning? Spanish Champs music CDs, DVDs, and Song Book are the perfect way to get children singing and speaking Spanish fast. CDs and DVDs are available in two levels. Kids will learn essential Spanish, including: greetings, colors, food, clothes, numbers, manners, animals, family, the alphabet, key action verbs, commands, descriptive adjectives and much more.  The Spanish Champs preschool program focuses on teaching Spanish through 15 fun and dynamic songs.

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and homeschool families also use Spanish Champs songs and videos at home - even if you don't speak Spanish!  Join families all over the world that are using Spanish Champs successfully in their homes.

How do I start teaching my child Spanish? Progressive Language recommends starting with the our Home Learning Kit, or the Deluxe Home Learning Kit. These will provide ample resources to start teaching your child Spanish, even if you don't speak it yourself. The Home Learning Kit includes: Song CD, Video DVD and the Illustrated Song and Activity book. The Deluxe kit adds the StoryBook, a Coloring and Activity Book, and the Karaoke CD.

Visit the Spanish Champs fan page on Facebook to see videos of children demontrating Spanish Champs songs and activities. We are also on the YouTube PreschoolSpanish channel. 

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Need a great curriculum for your class or homeschool group?  Progressive Language created a 32-week preschool and kindergarten Spanish program, and now offers a complete curriculum kit that includes: Level 1 song CD, Level 1 karaoke CD, Level 1 video DVD; Song and Activity Book, Coloring and Activity Book, Storybook and Teacher's Manual and Resouce CD with numerous printable images. The Spanish Champs Preschool and Kindegarten Spanish program was developed by professionals and classroom tested in programs with over 300 preschool children.   

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Preschool & Kindergarten Spanish Programs

Preschool Spanish Curriculum OverviewThe Spanish Champs curriculum is ideal for preschool and kindergarten programs. It includes everything needed for a fun and effective Spanish program. 

Spanish is taught primarily by learning 15 fun and dynamic songs, each song includes physical motions and other activities that build pronunciation and comprehension skills. The curriculum is intended to be repeated more than once and with each pass through builds greater comprehension and Spanish abilities.

Story Book Collection

Four beautifully illustrated stories that tie in perfectly with the Spanish Champs Preschool and Kindergarten program.  CLICK COVER TO SEE COMPLETE SAMPLE STORY.

Children's Spanish Story Books¿Dónde están los pollitos?  Where are the Chicks?
The chicks are missing and the mama hen is looking here and there for them. The chick are lost and are cold and hungry. When the mama hen finds them, they settle down for a good night sleep.

A Juan le gusta  What Juan Likes 
Find out what food Juan likes as you learn food and eating vocabulary.

Mi Cuerpo My Body
A fun and simple way to learn about your body and body vocabulary.

Eva y los globos Eva and the Balloons
David is sad, but Eva has lots of balloons to cheer him up. Learn colors, feelings and verbs.

Activity and Coloring Book
Spanish Champs Coloring Book Cover Image

The perfect companion to the Song and Activity book.

Each of the 23 Level 1 Spanish Champs songs is illustrated and ready for coloring. This book also contains 16 activities that can be done at home or in the classroom to reinforce fundamental Spanish.

Click image to look inside.

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Preschool and Kindergarten Spanish Teacher's Guide

Spanish Champs Teacher's GuideThe Teacher's Guide provides detailed lesson plans for a 32-week Preschool or Kindergarten Spanish program. Each lesson includes a minute by minute plan on exactly how to teach, a variety of suggested activities to reinforce the lesson, and a send-home activity. Included with the Teacher's Guide is a Resource CD that includes 30 printable images that are used in class.

Click the image of the Teacher's Guide to look inside.   

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Curriculum Kit (for teachers)
We have created a kit for classroom or homeschool teacher's that want to offer a complete preschool or kindergarten Spanish program. The kit includes:

Level 1 Song CD, Level 1 Karaoke CD, Level 1 DVD, Level 1 Song and Activity Book, Teacher's Guide and Resource CD.   

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Progressive Language also offers complete on-site Preschool Spanish Programs in Albuquerque  

  • On-site teachers (2 x per month to 3 x per week)
  • 15 to 30 minutes per class, depending on age
  • Weekly Plans for classroom integration
  • Take home reinforcement activities
  • Resource kit for teachers
  • Optional Teacher Training 

Are you a Spanish teacher that would like to earn extra income by bringing Spanish Champs to preschools in your city? Contact Progressive Language for details.


Blue Wolf visits school and sings in Spanish with children


Kids Learn Spanish with songs and fun cartoons Cartoon drawings help kids learn SpanishImages from Level 1 Song book.






New to Learning Spanish ? 
Read this short arcticle about appropriate Preschool Spanish expectations.



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