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Based on how language is learned naturally, Spanish Champs guides you and your child through a leveled learning plan and provides easy to use resources that keep the learning fun and interesting. Spanish Champs families use specially designed language reinforcement resources at home, and join in group learning sessions either two or four times per month.
Spanish Champs is fun, effective, and fits into a busy schedule.
Early-Bird English
Early-Bird English is a fun and exciting ESL and language development program for children and their parents. Using Blue Wolf & Friends Learning Adventure resources, Early-Bird English trains parents how to be involved in their child?s language education, gives them hands-on experience working with their children, provides high-quality learning resources, and helps parents develop the experience and confidence to be successful.
Blue Wolf & Friends
Children who learn English at an early age will be greatly advantaged throughout their lives. Blue Wolf & Friends combines the thorough research of our academic team with a fun and engaging online learning forum that children love to use. Based on the most frequently used words by children ages 4-9 as developed by our proprietary analysis software, the Blue Wolf & Friends program helps children build a foundation for years of success with the English language.
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"the best way to learn a foreign language is to be in the setting where the language is spoken.
Progressive Language gets you as close to that experience as possible. The language and culture are brought to you."