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A Pedagogy Created by Professional Educators, for You.

The Progressive Language patented pedagogy is trusted worldwide by 1400+ schools, families and education centers.

We have one goal - the success of language learners.  Our fun and dynamic language programs do this by engaging learners through music, games, activities, video, contests, plays and crafts. Children will have so much fun using our "leveled immersion" programs, they won't know they are learning a new language.

Progressive Language offers a unique language program for children and families: Spanish Champs. This program taps into the natural language ability that children have and can be used in preschools, grade schools, and at home. For more information and to see demonstrations of the Spanish Champs resources, please click the links below. They will take you to the Spanish Champs website.

K. Cobb, mother - New Mexico

"The best part about Spanish Champs is my daughter's excitement. We listen to the Spanish Champs CD nearly every day and watch the DVD regularly. The Cobb Family highly recommends the Spanish Champs program - it's been a lot of fun and we've all learned something new." 

Dr. John Staczek, Linguist
The American Graduate School of International Management

"The best way to learn a foreign language is to be in the setting where the language is spoken.
Progressive Language gets you as close to that experience as possible. The language and culture are brought to you."

Mayra L - Spanish Teacher

"I teach Spanish and really appreciate the variety of fun songs that teach vocab as well as traditional nursery rhymes. The parent letters are great! I don't need to take time to type up vocabulary for each lesson and they have great extension activities to reinforce content at home." 

  • Did you know Progressive Language has a Patented pedagogy?

  • Progressive Language programs are used in multiple countries 

  • Click here to see the conditions of use

  • Young children's plastic minds absorb language much faster then adult or teenage minds.

  • Progressive Language seeks to give a child an experience as close to immersion as possible with activities for the home.

For Fluency.

For Life.

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