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Our mission at Progressive Language is to increase fluency by bringing language learning to life. Why? - Because language learning is often frustrating for both instructor and learner. We studied the major obstacles in this learning process to understand what leads to success.

Utilizing this knowledge, we developed programs that significantly strengthen the learning experience. How? - By combining the finest in linguistics research, experiential learning techniques, and technology in multimedia language immersion programs. We put a face to language learning, stimulating acquisition and increasing fluency. Worldwide, the demand for foreign language skills has never been higher and the need for institutions to provide those skills has never been greater. Blue Wolf & Friends and Spanish Champs programs provide the essential exposure needed to build a foundation in English or Spanish.  The result is institutions that flourish and learners that succeed. Progressive Language's immersion programs are changing the face of language learning - forever

  • Did you know Progressive Language has a Patented pedagogy?

  • Progressive Language programs are used in multiple countries 

  • Click here to see the conditions of use

  • Young children's plastic minds absorb language much faster then adult or teenage minds.

  • Progressive Language seeks to give a child an experience as close to immersion as possible with activities for the home.

For Fluency.

For Life.

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